An Introduction to Reiki by Charlie @ Embodime

WARNING! Reiki comes with some pretty cool side effects Reduces stress, anxiety, depression, helps to reduce blood pressure, rejuvinates the bodies own healing abilities, accelerates healing, aids better sleep, stimulates the immune system, treats arthritis, behavioural problems, emotional and mental issues, provides clarity & positive thinking, removes energetic blockages and promotes relaxation. Reiki is: A healing technique based … Continue reading An Introduction to Reiki by Charlie @ Embodime

Why Pink Elephants?

You may be wondering, ‘Why Pink Elephants?’ so we thought we’d explain the meaning behind the name. Pink is somewhat obvious, traditionally being associated with love, nurturing, care, understanding, compassion, and it’s typically associated with females. Elephants originally came to mind because of the saying, ‘Elephants never forget’, which we thought was entirely appropriate for … Continue reading Why Pink Elephants?