We know how difficult it is to send away a patient after giving them the devastating news of a pregnancy loss or miscarriage.

Our research shows that on experiencing a miscarriage, women feel as though there isn’t the support they need, from medical next steps to treatment options to emotional wellbeing.

Our community of women will be supported via multiple channels, including specialised literature, online support groups and our Peer Support Program. We want to connect women with the appropriate support and assistance they need; helping them navigate through this experience.

We want to be able to continue to provide resources and and training for healthcare professional that assists with providing the best level of care.

Your support today can help women connect with someone who ‘gets it’. You can help reduce the feelings of isolation that many women feel, by connecting them with others who have experienced the journey before them and are now able to mentor others.

Your donation will help support our production of content and materials for Healthcare Professionals, everyone that has the possibility of delivering the sad news of miscarriage to a woman and / or family. Donations will also go towards additional research and planning.

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