Our Miscarriage Care Kits will ensure that women have all the information they need, when they need it most – at the time they are told they have lost their much-longed-for baby – and will guide them to us for ongoing support. Their hearts may be broken but they will not walk away unsupported. Our aim is to have these kits available in hospitals and clinics Australia wide.

With your support we can also help guide healthcare professionals to enhance their patient interactions – improving the support that women receive during this difficult time in their life.

Nurturing their physical and mental health is a vital part of the journey. Knowing all the options available both medically and holistically, can give women a greater sense of control in what can otherwise be a time fraught with uncertainty and sadness.

Miscarriage Care Kits contents include a:

  • letter to the woman who has just been diagnosed
  • visual timeline of what she can expect in the next couple of weeks
  • support brochure for her partner
  • emotional wellbeing brochure
  • flyer outlining who we are and the support and services we provide


Your support today can help women connect with someone who ‘gets it’. You can help reduce the feelings of isolation that many women feel, by connecting them with others who have experienced the journey before them and are now able to mentor others.

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