In Australia 103,000 couples each year will report an early pregnancy loss.

282 women each day.

1 in 6 couples suffer from fertility related issues, often resulting in them having to endure multiple treatment cycles with no assurance they will ever achieve a pregnancy.

The chances are high that someone in your workplace is being impacted by miscarriage and/or fertility struggles right now, and desperately needs your support and understanding. 

However, they are more than likely too scared or too ashamed to ask for it. 

Miscarriage and infertility can induce an intense period of emotional distress and if left unsupported, can lead to heightened anxiety symptoms and/or depression. We want to ensure that you have the information and tools needed to empathetically and successfully support your employees so that couples not only feel more supported, but that the risk of ongoing emotional and psychological distress is reduced.

In a competitive labour market, employers need to distinguish themselves to attract, retain and motivate employees as well as ensure that workers remain healthy. The provision of healthcare and wellness initiatives can assist organisations to position themselves as an employer of choice.
Gallup 2016

So how can you ensure that your workplace is leading the way in this vital area of staff support? 

Our Fertility in the Workplace Program has been designed to give you the information and tools needed to provide support and empathy to your employees at a time where they would otherwise be quietly struggling alone.

Many workplaces are ill-equipped for supporting a woman’s return to work following miscarriage. In many cases, there is a lack of policy and structure (e.g. limited leave provisions and tailored emotional support), and training for managers. Often, the miscarriage may be the first the workplace knows of the woman’s pregnancy. 

Management of the physical aspects of miscarriage require work absences, and the ongoing emotional burden and grief can impact a woman’s participation in the workforce. Providing safe, supportive environments by empowering managers and colleagues, and providing clear policies and procedures, can enable a woman to return to work ready to work. 

The Pink Elephants Fertility in the Workplace Program educates workplaces on the impact of pregnancy loss and fertility challenges. It provides them with the tools and information to support their employees through these challenges. 

Joining our program gives you access to...

Early adopters of Fertility in the Workplace include:

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia have adopted our content for their employees on their Thrive Wellbeing platform.

“As an organisation we want to support our people particularly when times are at their hardest. Clear policy provisioning for pregnancy loss bereavement leave provides that care for our people at what is a traumatic and emotional time. It means there isn’t an uncomfortable conversation about leave eligibility and with the support of Pink Elephants, we can offer further resources to help.”

We would like to thank our national partner Genea for their ongoing support and for helping us to bring this program to life.

We are thrilled to be announced as charity partner for HR Innovation & Tech Fest, 2019.

For more information on how you can join our Fertility in the Workplace program, please submit your details and we will be in touch soon.