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Gabbi is a mum to three gorgeous boys. She had her first son in her early twenties and it wasn’t until she remarried in her mid-thirties and began trying to conceive that she had difficulties.

After two years of IVF (8 fresh and 2 frozen cycles), she finally gave birth to another son. With a surprise pregnancy 8 months later, Gabbi had her first miscarriage at 9 weeks which devastated both she and her husband. The transfer of one her frozen embryos saw her become pregnant again a few months later, and she went on to give birth to another son. Following the birth of her third son, Gabbi had a further 5 miscarriages before she and her husband finally made the decision to stop trying.

Given her experiences in both IVF and miscarriage, Gabbi has always felt she wanted to be able to help other women who were going through these things too. In fact, this is how she met co-founder Samantha, by meeting her for a coffee after Samantha had had her second miscarriage.

Creating the Pink Elephants Support Network has given Gabbi the platform she needs to reach and help as many women as she can. She has big plans for Pink Elephants including branching into Infertility and Post Natal Depression down the track.