Leaping into Peer Support and Miscarriage Care

Recently I took a huge leap of faith…I gave up my paid job at ReachOut where I have loved working. ReachOut do amazing things in support of young people’s mental health, yet the reality is that I’m not wonder woman and I can’t give my all to two charities and my family.


My own charity, The Pink Elephants Support Network is gaining momentum (and rightly so – women deserve it!). At the beginning of the month we were awarded Best Community Minded Mum in The Motivating Mum Business Awards. We also held our inaugural Peer Support Training with our newly appointed Peer Support Ambassadors and our cause was further validated.


We created our vision 2 years ago when we first decided to form Pink Elephants. We had an idea and we have turned it into a reality. We have put together some amazing heartfelt content from women who’ve been through miscarriage, women who get it. Our website houses our beautiful resources that offer women emotional support when they need it most while also educating their immediate support networks in how to best support them.


Our Peer Support Program is launching in just a few short weeks and it will give women the opportunity to connect with another woman who ‘gets it’, who’s been there. This is a program unlike any other because it’s aligned so closely with our values of empathy and connection. It really will help us ensure that no woman who has a miscarriage will walk the journey alone. We’ll be able to offer women 6 sessions with one of our ambassadors where they can connect over the phone and talk about their experience with someone who understands. Our ambassador training weekend literally gave me goosebumps as we shared our sacred journeys in a room of women who got it and our pain. We supported each other and we learnt so much from trained bereavement counsellors in how best to support other women through this type of grief.


I am so so incredibly proud of what we have achieved in just 2 years. We are truly making a difference to the care of women who are grieving from miscarriage. We have created a sustainable and scalable support network that needs to be shared to reach the 103,000 couples a year suffering from miscarriage.


We have worked tirelessly and have not taken a wage. We have given up time with our loved ones to create this beautiful network. Now we need your support in reaching more women and supporting them. We have the platform and the content as well as the support programs – we now need reach and revenue.


Can YOU help us reach the 282 women a day suffering miscarriage in Australia?


Here are some ways you can help:-


  • Like and share our webpage and social media pages 
  • Join our Blackmores Running Team or run your own local run for us
  • Host a Coffee for a Cause event at your local coffee shop
  • Have your girlfriends over for a Nurture Night In
  • Introduce us to your workplace and your H.R / Marketing teams
  • Tell everyone about us!
Thank You for helping us to ensure no woman walks the journey of miscarriage feeling alone and unsupported. 
Sam xx

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