Thinking of You this Mother’s Day

We recently posted a question on our social media pages and the response was overwhelming. It seems we really engaged our community to share a sentiment of their journey. This for us was both moving and validating of the support network we are creating. Validating that miscarriage has a real emotional impact that lasts for years, confirming our belief that a support charity like ours is needed now more than ever. 

We asked you to finish this sentence…

One thing I’d like everyone to know about miscarriage is…

We had over 100 comments and lots of shares which is huge amount of engagement. We obviously identified something that needed to be said from each of you and certainly got the conversation started. Whilst the comments were varied, one theme was clear…

Miscarriage has a direct impact on the emotional wellbeing of women during and beyond their fertility years.

‘There is no replacement for a lost baby, and a rainbow baby is a wonderful amazing gift, but you still grieve the ones you lost and will always wonder what they would be like.

‘They’re still your babies you never got to hold.

‘You did nothing wrong.

‘The sadness and that feeling like it was your fault is painfully heartbreaking. It changed me as a person.

‘That it is grief like no other – not just for the babies you have lost but for the dreams and hopes you carried along with those babies.

‘The innocence of future pregnancies is taken away.

One of our reasons for creating the Pink Elephants Support Network was to reduce the feelings of isolation that come with miscarriage.

We truly believe this post was the beginning of something magical as it not only validates the true effects of miscarriage but it will hopefully offer support to others currently navigating their way through early pregnancy loss.

Dates such as Mothers Day are fraught with conflicting emotions – sadness for the babies we have lost, gratitude for the rainbow babies we may hold in our arms or jealousy of those around us blessed with easy conceptions and smooth pregnancies. Take a moment this Mothers Day to acknowledge the losses you or a loved one have experienced. Remember your hopes and dreams for those babies, honour their short but important lives. Acknowledge the way they have changed you and send a positive thought to those that are yet to hold their rainbow babies in their arms. You are all mothers, you have all created life inside of you. Just because you carried that baby for only a short time doesn’t make you any less of a mum.

Know the power of this community and that we have your back through the emotional turmoil that is trying for your baby. We have walked a similar path, we understand the heartache that you carry, the smile you put on for your untouched relatives and friends.

We see you, we are here for you and you are not alone.










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