MumHub Fundraiser for Pink Elephants

On Friday 1st June I attended a MumHub Fundraiser Event for Pink Elephants at Eltham Valley Pantry in Northern NSW. MumHub was founded by Renee and Stevie, two awesome mums that connected when they had their first children. Both mums suffered with postnatal depression and found the first year of motherhood particularly challenging.

In an effort to try to ensure that other mums didn’t feel the same kind of isolation they did, Renee and Stevie created an event whereby once every 3 to 4 months, mums can come together, have a coffee and just be in the presence of other mums who understand how hard it can be. An interesting and little known fact is that 30% of women who are pregnant after loss will go on to develop postnatal depression. I can’t help but think this is partly due to the unvalidated impact of miscarriage and how we are not currently offering enough support to women suffering early pregnancy loss.

What resonated with me about the events they host was the sense of connectedness and how we all crave this. It’s also what Pink Elephants is about – connecting us to our tribe of women who have walked a similar journey, who get it and can truly empathise.

At the event many women felt comfortable to approach me and share their own journeys of loss and infertility in their pursuit to have a family. We shared tears and blew bubbles for all of our lost babies. If you share your journey it’s amazing how other women open up and begin to share theirs. I am finding this more and more and each time I connect with another woman around our shared journeys I am truly grateful for what I have experienced. I wouldn’t wish miscarriage and pregnancy loss on anyone but I know I needed to go through it to ‘get it’ and create this beautiful support network for other women who need it.

Pink Elephants is growing and part of attending events like this is the connections we make with our tribe who will in turn help us to increase our reach and support more women. If you’re part of a tribe, why not host your own Coffee for a Cause event to show your support – while also helping us to raise much needed funds.

We can’t thank MumHub enough for choosing to support us and our cause, and for recognising the importance of miscarriage and its effect on women. They raised over $1000 which will help us to print and distribute more emotional support resources to the 103,000 couples a year suffering early pregnancy loss.

For any of you who may be suffering with postnatal depression head to for support. They are a wonderful support network for women and their mental wellbeing in the perinatal phase.

mumhub fundraiser



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