Miscarriage Survey Results

Our Miscarriage Survey Results Are In

Thank You to each and every one of you who completed our miscarriage survey with The University of Melbourne. Whilst the findings are not a surprise to us, it is still saddening to have our suspicions confirmed.

Less than 25% of you are receiving a referral from your healthcare professional to a support organisation such as The Pink Elephants after experiencing a miscarriage. Yet 88% of you would have welcomed a clear referral to an emotional support organisation to help you navigate your journey of grief.

Our own lived experience of multiple losses allow us to understand all too well the heartache and feelings of isolation you experience after a miscarriage. In 2019 we firmly believe that all women experiencing an early pregnancy loss should be given a referral to our support organisation.

At The Pink Elephants we can provide you with emotional support and meaningful connections that offer you the true empathy and understanding you deserve and need. We provide emotional support literature in the form of resources for you and your circle of support explaining miscarriage, its emotional impact and how loved ones can support you on your journey. We offer meaningful connections through our online communities and facilitate a free personalised Peer Support Programme that will connect you to another woman who has also been through early pregnancy loss.

We are specific to early pregnancy loss as we believe that the 103,000 couples a year who report an early pregnancy loss, deserve a support organisation specific to their needs. Miscarriage is often a disenfranchised type of grief, not recognised by society. We are working tirelessly to change this.

Your baby mattered, your loss mattered, your experience mattered and you have every right to grieve your loss.

Our Pink Elephants celebrity Ambassador, actress and director Tahyna MacManus, joins the one in four Australian women who lose their baby by the 12-week mark of their pregnancy.

Tahyna has had three miscarriages – the first at six weeks, the second at 12 weeks, and the third about 24 hours into her pregnancy.

“None of my questions were answered, I was really dismissed and I just felt like a number in a system and I felt as though my living and breathing child, to me, was just nothing to them.” Tahyna said.

“One of the times, I went to the emergency room and I was told to go get an ultrasound, and I was then told to take a Panadol and just go home and wait for it to end basically.”

It is no longer OK that women who experience the loss of their baby and a future they had envisioned to miscarriage, are left to internalise their grief and feel unsupported.

You can help us by liking, commenting and sharing this article or by considering to make a donation and pay forward the support you have received from us to another woman hearing the words, ‘I’m sorry, there is no heartbeat’.

Miscarriage Survey Results


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