Our Peer Support Programme gives women who are currently experiencing miscarriage and early pregnancy loss, a connection with another woman who has been there before…who ‘get it’.

“Connection is why we are here. We’re hardwired to connect with others, it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives and without it there is suffering.” Brene Brown

We want to help reduce the feelings of isolation women so often feel after a miscarriage or early pregnancy loss. Sometimes just being able to talk to someone who has been through it, who has walked a similar journey to you and who understands how you’re feeling can make all the difference.

We especially acknowledge the fear and anxiety you may be experiencing at this time with regards to the uncertainty around COVID-19. Perhaps you’ve just miscarried, perhaps you’re currently pregnant with your rainbow baby, or perhaps you’re not even sure if you should be trying to conceive. Whatever you’re feeling, we are here for you and welcome the opportunity to talk through how we can get through this time, together. 


How it Works

In order to make a booking with one of our Support Ambassadors, please use the following online booking system. You have access to an initial 45 minute call and then 5 further x 30 minute personalised sessions with one of our team to help you through this tough time. 

You will need to select either Initial Session if it’s your first call or Follow Up session if you’re booking subsequent calls.

Please select the times and days that you are free and you will be shown which Ambassadors are available at those times. Alternatively, if you wish to book a specific Ambassador, just select their name and their available times will appear.

In the meantime, you can access our free downloadable resources >here, and we encourage you to join our private Facebook group >here, where you will find support and reassurance from others who are experiencing similar situations to you at the moment.

Please note, if you feel you are experiencing a particularly traumatic grief response and require clinical support, we suggest calling Red Nose qualified Bereavement Counsellors on 1300 308 307.

If you have any difficulties at all, please email psp@pinkelephantssupport.com.