An Introduction to Reiki by Charlie @ Embodime

WARNING! Reiki comes with some pretty cool side effects

Reduces stress, anxiety, depression, helps to reduce blood pressure, rejuvinates the bodies own healing abilities, accelerates healing, aids better sleep, stimulates the immune system, treats arthritis, behavioural problems, emotional and mental issues, provides clarity & positive thinking, removes energetic blockages and promotes relaxation.

Reiki is: A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into their patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body & restore physical & emotional well-being

Pretty cool right?

This was the Japanese approach to treating and managing stress whilst promoting relaxation and total healing of the body, mind and soul. The word Reiki means spiritually guided life force energy. Rei – which means God’s wisdom, spiritual, or the higher power and Ki which means life force or vital energy.

The concept is simple – When our life force energy is flowing, it supports the natural healing power of the body. We feel healthy, happy and confident, and we have meaning and purpose to our existence.

However, when our life force energy gets low or we develop energetic blockages, we get stressed, tired, sick, suffer with emotional outbursts and are easily overwhelmed. This can lead to health complications, mental illness and a general loss of balance or direction in life.

Our life force energy communicates with us daily, however most of the time we ignore the subtle messages it has for us. So much so that when this life force energy becomes too low or we develop blockages, we are usually given a big kick up the ass and things turn physical. Our energetic body reaches our physical body and develops sickness, disease, mental health issues, insomnia and much more in order to provoke action to what can be a nasty wake up call.

Someone once said to me that when our life force energy is low or is blocked it creates dis-ease in the body! Which kind of makes sense!

Everyone at some point or another knows they should or shouldn’t be doing something, or that something needs to change in their life for them to be happier and healthier. Whether they are stuck in a job they don’t like, in a relationship that no longer serves them, they always try to please others and never speak their own truth – we all do things at times that create blockages in our energetic body.

Blockages can also be created by life experiences or situations, though in general it’s not the experience or situation per se that is the problem. It’s always the emotional attachment we have to it, because that attachment is emotional or thought based and they are both forms of energy! Energy that gets trapped in the body manifests and leads to blockages until they become so blocked our physical body starts to experience symptoms, whether that be pain, discomfort or disease.

Most, if not all Reiki practitioners work with chakras, which are the energy centres of the body. The word Chakra means wheel or disk and though there are hundreds of them running throughout our body, we tend to work with 7 main ones. Each of them hold different energies and are linked to different emotional, mental and physical states of wellbeing. These energetic wheels all communicate with one another to help guide us to be the happiest and healthiest we can be.

embodimeIf you know that something isn’t right for you, and no matter what you do or how hard you try certain things just don’t shift, chances are there is a connection or blockage that needs a little TLC.

Be kind to yourself,

Sending love and light always.

Charlie, Embodime

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