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Sam is a mum to a little girl, Georgie, and rainbow baby Johnny. An expat from the UK, she and her husband have been in Sydney for 8 years and love the outdoorsy life that Australia gives them.

When trying for her second child, Sam experienced 2 miscarriages and was shocked at the secrecy and isolation that came with it. Not known for being quiet, Sam shared her journey and found it cathartic as well as helping others by giving them a chance to also have their stories heard.

This gave her the inspiration to join forces with the other founders of Pink Elephants and create something meaningful and beautiful that can inspire change in how society perceives miscarriage and how we support women through it.

Sam is passionate about supporting women through miscarriage by helping them to make connections with other women who just ‘get it’ and by educating others on how best to offer support. She has a degree in Media and Advertising from the University of East London and has over 10 years’ experience in sales and business development. She also has a post graduate certificate in Education and is a primary school teacher.