Ectopic Pregnancy

Hubby and I had been married for about a month when we found out we were pregnant. We were both over the moon. Early on I began to spot and the spotting continued for 9 days. I was reassured by the doctor that everything was fine and it was normal.

After 9 days the doctor sent me for an ultrasound. The ultrasound technician couldn’t find the baby and I was told that I must be earlier than I think. I at this point should have argued I knew that I was 6 weeks (I had been tracking periods and intercourse).

Anyway, over the next week I had blood tests every two days and my HCG levels continued to rise. A week later I was sitting at home watching tv and I felt a strange feeling – a bit like I needed to poop. Off to the loo I went and I was bleeding. After a call to the nurse on call, off I went to the hospital.

More blood tests were done before I was sent home to return the next day for an ultrasound. By the time I got home the bleed had stopped.

We returned the hospital the next day and while sitting in the ER waiting room I experienced pain and vomiting. We were taken in for our ultrasound (I was now over 7 weeks pregnant)
and again they couldn’t find the baby.

It was at this point we were told that I was having an ectopic pregnancy, that my pregnancy was viable. We were informed that they needed to operate to find the baby. I was bleeding internally, I was sent to surgery. It was so scary.

My husband and family waited for 2 hours while they operated. After the surgery we were informed that the baby was in my tube and I had lost the tube as it had ruptured.

We cried (lots) and supported each other through the whole process. It took us 9 months to fall pregnant again and we now have a happy, heathy 18 month old boy.

….by Sharelle….