First Pregnancy, First Miscarriage

I am 31 and myself and my fiancé decided it was time to try and fall pregnant. I had come off the pill this March and heard so many stories of people falling pregnant straight away so I was positive that I would be one of those.

Every month I got my period I was sad.

By the start of September I started feeling sick and my period was late. I didn’t want to get my hopes up so I waited a week to do a test, which came back positive. We were so excited!

A week later I started spotting. I went to the hospital and waited two hours to be seen. They did an ultrasound but it was too early, though a urine test did come back positive. I was told it’s normal at five weeks to have spotting so we were still in hope.

Two days later the heavy bleeding and pain started and I knew something was wrong.
After a couple of doctor’s appointments and blood tests, it was confirmed that I’d miscarried. It was a hard week but I just tried to stay positive.

For anyone that hasn’t gone through it, they don’t understand the pain. I had a couple of ladies at work who had gone through it which made me feel better. My friends know that we are trying so now when anything comes up about kids it’s very awkward for me.

We have started trying again but no luck so far. It’s so much more stressful this time around trying to work out when to have sex. It’s putting pressure on my partner. I’m constantly waiting for pregnancy signs after ovulation.

My period was a week late last month so I did a test which was negative and this month I felt off so have done another one which was negative. I worry that I did something wrong for this to happen and now I’m too scared to exercise or anything just in case.

Sometimes I just want to give up but everyone else’s stories give me hope.

By, Karlie