I got pregnant with my daughter so easily, literally first go and my pregnancy was a dream. Despite gestational diabetes and nightmare birth, 14 months later we were ready to try for baby number 2.

I knew I was pregnant straight away. I did test after test and all were positive.
Once again, it was easy, first go.

I had a scan, it showed two sacs. The ultrasound tech was too lazy to do an internal check, so I was to wait two weeks for another scan.

A week or two later I started to spot at work. In a blind panic I left work and booked in for a scan.

The scan showed one sac, the second sac was gone. There was a fetal pole, a yolk and sac – as you would expect and you could see the heart moving – we couldn’t get a track on the beat though and I was measuring about 2 weeks behind.

My cervix was showing that it was closed, so I went home feeling comfortable – devastated that we lost one bubba, but grateful to have one bubba left.

For the next two days I kept spotting, heavier and heavier. By the Thursday night, I ended up passing a clot the size of my fist and bleeding through heavy pads, every 20 minutes.

I went to the ED at the local hospital and waited around, knowing it was over.

Every time I went to the toilet I was reminded that my babies were gone.

Blood tests and scans showed that my miscarriage was complete, after 3 weeks of spotting.

I found the hardest part was going to the toilet and being reminded each time.

I spoke up and told everyone on my Facebook and my friends and family what had happened.

Obviously Facebook was last, but I had to get it out. I have been given so much support from every one around me.

I have found the Pink Elephants Support so amazing. It’s like a family.

My sister had gone through a miscarriage a year before me and she has finally dealt with hers, helping me through mine.

I know we’ll get another chance at happiness, but for now I’m grateful for my 16 month old munchkin.