We found out I was pregnant on the 9th of February. Having PCOS we had no idea how far along I was until I had a scan and blood tests done. I was around 4/5 weeks. The week after I had bleeding and pain so went to the Emergency Room, it was all fine.

On the 4th of March I had another scan and blood tests. No heartbeat but bubs had grown, HCG went up by 200 in a few weeks. So we weren’t stressed and so excited.

Then the worst happened, on the 16th of March I passed a huge clot and called an ambulance to the Emergency Room. They weren’t too worried and the following day I had a scan. Our bub had no heartbeat and had shrunk. They gave me 3 options of naturally miscarrying, taking the pills that will help expel the fetus from my body or an operation. I choose the pills.

Three hours after taking them I passed 6 small clots and 3 clots the size of my fist. I felt like passing out and was in agony, so had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance. I was given a lot of medication to help with the pain and stop the bleeding (ended up being allergic to morphine). In about 8 hours I went through 18 pads and passed around 16 fist sized clots. One that was the size of two fists fell on the ground as I went to stand up and the nurse saw it and then panicked and asked if they had been this size, we said around this size. I then passed out in the shower, lucky my partner was there as I lost a lot of blood.

I had to have 2 blood transfusions, about 4 bags of fluids and then the following day an operation to make sure everything was out, clean and not infected.

So around 3 days in hospital. It’s been so traumatic and I keep blaming myself. But I am so lucky to have my partner who has been doing everything for me (he even collected and went through the clots to give to the drs and cleaned me). I go back to work on Tuesday, but I will take each day as it comes.

By, Whitney