People don’t talk about miscarriage or pregnancy loss.

I was so naive when I fell pregnant in 2015. I had a lovely pregnancy and an amazing birth. I had my beautiful boy in July 2016.

January 2017 I fell pregnant, unfortunately I lost my baby at 5 weeks.

March 2017 I fell pregnant again, and unfortunately lost that one too at 5 weeks.

From March 2017 we actively continued trying to get pregnant, but nothing happened. I started to worry.

Eventually I fell pregnant in June 2018. Because of the two early losses the year before I was paranoid about losing this one too.

I made it to 12 weeks, I went for my nuchal scan, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I finally made it to the SAFE ZONE.

A few days later my midwife called with bad news.

My nuchal results were as follows.

7mm nuchal fold
1 in 100 for Down’s syndrome
1 in 27 for Edwards
1 in 4 for pateau.

I was advised to have a CVS. My results came back and I was cleared of any chromosome abnormalities.

But unfortunately my son was diagnosed with multiple heart defects.

My world crashed around me.

I lost my boy at 15.5 weeks in October 2018.

Since my second trimester loss I have continued to lose 3 more pregnancies this year to date (2019). I lost all these pregnancies at 5 weeks.

I’m currently going through my 6th loss in 2.5 years. I have seen a fertility specialist and no reason has been found to why I continue to lose babies.

I have finally decided I need help to recover from my losses.

By, Sarah