If you are experiencing fertility issues or have recently miscarried a pregnancy, we hope that the articles and videos contained here offer you the information and support you need during this difficult time.

Miscarriage Basics

If you have just found out your baby is not viable or has no heartbeat, it can be hard to find simple, concise information to help you understand what has happened and what you can expect over the coming days and weeks. We hope the information below helps to remove some of that uncertainty and overwhelm, while allowing you to process the grief and loss you are feeling. 

What is Miscarriage?
What Causes a Miscarriage?
What are the Signs & Symptoms?
What are My Treatment Options?
Debunking the Myths Around Miscarriage

Marking a Loss

Many couples find that after a pregnancy loss, it can aid the healing process to mark the loss in some way. There is no right or wrong, and in fact, it may not feel right to you to do anything at all, and that’s OK! If you do feel that doing something to remember your baby by might be of help, here are a few ideas.

Miscarriage Health & Wellbeing

When you feel that you’re ready to move forward and perhaps try to become pregnant again, it’s natural that you may feel nervous that you may miscarry again. Finding ways to nurture your body and mind, to ensure you’re in the best shape both physically and mentally, can provide positivity and hope as well as an element of control, at a time when it may feel as though you have very little.

Physical Wellbeing
Emotional Wellbeing
Seeing a Naturopath
Medical Options
Holistic Options
Navigating Miscarriage

Returning to Work After a Miscarriage

There is no doubt that for some of us the thought of returning to work fills us with dread. How can we pretend to be ok when our hearts still feel so broken? For others, returning to work can provide a welcome escape and a sense of normality…a place for you to just be you. Once again, there is no right or wrong. 

It’s important to note that your employer is part of our Workplace Program, and is therefore committed to supporting you in whatever way you need to ensure you’re ok. 

Moving Beyond Miscarriage

Just as miscarriage is an individual journey, so too is the destination. While some may go on to have a healthy baby, others may need to explore other options, and others still may need to face letting go. 

Pregnancy After Loss
Post Partum Wellbeing
Letting Go & Moving On

Providing Support Through Miscarriage

Miscarriage and pregnancy loss can often be an incredibly lonely and isolating time. Those around us are often unsure how to support us or what to say, and as a result, do or say nothing…or unintentionally say something that hurts us or invalidates our grief.  

If someone you know has suffered a miscarriage, or if you want to help those around you understand how you’re feeling and what you need, the following articles may be helpful.

Providing Comfort & Support
Supporting a Colleague

Infertility Overview

While not everyone who experiences a miscarriage has suffered from infertility or undergone IVF or similar, the two are often intertwined in some way. Below is a basic overview of some of the elements of infertility, including how to nurture both yourself and your relationship during this rollercoaster of a journey. 

What is Infertility?
Female Infertility
Male Infertility
Self Care
Nurturing Your Relationship
Accessing Super for IVF